Data Policy


When you subscribe to newsletters from (Tiffany) you allow Tiffany to send you emails.

You agree to receive:

  • Emails containing news, offers, campaigns, competitions, invitations, and discount codes
  • Emails customized for you include birthday emails, reminders of abandoned baskets, personal discounts, and recommendations


You may unsubscribe from newsletters and discounts from Tiffany at any point in time. You can unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of emails from Tiffany or by sending an email to in which you request to be manually unsubscribed.



When you sign up you hand over some personal data. Tiffany actively uses this information to ensure we send you relevant and targeted information.

This is an example of what your information is used for:

  • Postal code is used for the geographical segmentation of our newsletters. Additionally, it is used for invitations for events in our physical stores*
  • Purchase history is used to inform you about new products and to target Tiffany’s advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.*

* Only applies if you are subscribed to newsletters

Tiffany stores the information you hand over when you sign up, update your profile and subscribe to newsletters. Tiffany also registers information about your purchases. Tiffany uses this information to target the information that is sent to you. The information is used exclusively for marketing purposes and is never sold or passed on to third parties without your consent.

You may request access to the personal data Tiffany has gathered about you at any point in time in order to have it corrected or deleted. Personal data gathered about you is only used for the purposes for which the information was gathered. Tiffany exclusively gathers information about you and your purchases via third-party software for our own purposes.

The Terms & Conditions include Tiffany’s website, sales channels, and Benefits Club. Tiffany is obliged to protect your personal data online in regards to legislation on personal data. TIffany’s Terms & Conditions may be adjusted without further consent from you so please check the Terms & Conditions regularly.

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